NZ Online Casino VS Land-Based Venue


Online casinos are way more popular nowadays than their land-based counterparts. It isn’t a secret that many NZ players are looking for online real money games. Players feel more comfortable sitting at home in their pajamas than visiting a casino two hours away from their homes.

Every player is an individual, surely. Someone will tell the best experience is only at a brick-and-mortar casino, while others will recommend NZ online casino as the best place to gamble. Who’s right? Supposedly, everyone is.

In fact, online casinos and land-based venues are totally different although they offer the same gambling games. Let us give you all pros and cons of each casino type below. At the end of the article, you will be able to decide which is better for you.

Online casino sites for NZ players

Online casino platforms are located on the internet, and this is their key advantage. Any NZ citizen can access a casino site if he has a stable internet connection regardless of which device he’s using, a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Casino sites are available for everyone of legal gambling age residing in a country where gambling is legal. Many casinos accept NZD, which makes it a lot easier for NZ gamblers to deposit, cash out, and play.

Gambling platforms offer thousands of games in one place. There, you’ll find a lot of pokies, card games based on RNG (random number generator) and live dealers. Lotteries, bingo, keno, instant win games, and crash games are also included in their collection. Some of these sites also offer sports betting. In other words, players can play games and bet on sporting events at the same time in one place.

NZ gamblers don’t have to travel to one of the few land-based casinos in the country. They can gamble in the comfort of their homes and win money with the same success. However, online casinos are known for having better payouts than land-based venues because the latter have to pay for electricity, food, personnel, and other facilities on top of paying out to players.

Progressive jackpot games also offer bigger prize pools because they are funded by players all over the world. Bonuses and promotions are one more benefit of casino sites. Money bonuses, free spins, cashback, loyalty rewards, and more await NZ players!

Land-based casinos in NZ

New Zealand has only a few land-based gambling venues. Six of them including SkyCity, Grand Casino, and Christchurch are the most popular. They are based across the country in the biggest cities such as Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown, and Christchurch.

Obviously, players who live in the cities may be the most frequent visitors to these places. However, those that live far away in towns and villages cannot have everyday access to casinos and games. Some will say that you don’t have to gamble every day, and this is a good thought because regular gambling may cause an addiction.

So the first plus of land-based venues is that they reduce the chances of becoming a problem gambler. On the other hand, when you are at a casino, no one can stop you from spending all the money you have.

Another advantage of real casinos is the atmosphere inside the clubs. One can hardly experience the same in an online casino. The real tables, pokie machines, dealers, and chips, cards, buttons, you can touch make you feel the atmosphere to the fullest. But don’t forget that you have to put on taxido and behave well while at a casino club.

Restaurants and waiters serving drinks on trays add up to the comfort. But this is their disadvantage as well because you don’t want to leave that place. And it leads to spending more and more money.

The number of pokie machines, tables, and video poker machines is one more disadvantage. Players have limited choice of games they can play unlike at online casinos where they can pick another game if they didn’t like the previous one.

Which one to choose?

As we said, this is very individual. If you love experiencing the atmosphere of a casino and you live near one, why not visit it from time to time? On the opposite, if you reside several hours by car away from a casino venue, your choice should fall on one of NZ online casino sites.

Why you need to choose a casino site over a land-based venue:

  1. The nearest casino to you.
  2. Access to casino games at any time of the day and anywhere you are.
  3. More games to choose from.
  4. A lot of deposit and withdrawal options.
  5. Everyday bonuses, rewards, and exciting campaigns.
  6. You hate to wear evening clothes and you’re better off staying at home.

Why you need to choose a land-based casino over a gambling site:

  1. If you live near a casino or you don’t care for traveling to the nearest venue.
  2. You love the casino atmosphere.
  3. You prefer playing table games in real.
  4. Same-day payout.
  5. You don’t trust the internet.
  6. You are ok about wearing a dinner jacket.

All in all, you can try both and decide which one is better for you. Besides, no one prohibits doing both. You can visit a gambling venue any time you come to a big city. But when you’re back home or feel like staying in a comfort zone, you can open a casino site on your desktop or mobile device.

In conclusion

Win money the way you like. It’s only up to you to decide where to play real money games. The result is always the same — you get a chance to win cash. It can happen at a legit NZ online casino or in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

So it doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will come to the same result that depends on your luck on that day. Believe that you can win and don’t forget about reasonable behavior. Play responsibly, control your bankroll, plan your budget and bets, learn to choose games, and always watch the time. These simple rules will help you progress and achieve your expected results.